Carolyn Van Ess

Director of Children and
Family Ministries

Q. Growing up, what was your favorite board game?
A. I loved Monopoly, but we didn't play it often because it takes so long to finish. I'm big fan of card games, though they are much quicker. :-)

Q. What’s the best part about working with children?
A. The best part about working with children is the opportunity to see them grow in their faith. I love it when children/students come and tell me the verse that they learned the week before.

Q. What was your best birthday ever?
A. My best birthday ever would either be my 21st, when I was in Peru on a mission trip, or my 25th this past year. I was surrounded by friends at both, but in Peru I got to dive head first into the cake! :-)

Q. What’s your favorite movie/ song and why?
A. I have too many to choose. I love songs and music that tells a story when you listen to it. As for movies, I like the ones that keep you intrigued until the end.. The Prestige, Taken (1, 2, & 3), etc.

Q. What’s your dream travel destination?
A. Barcelona, Spain! I saw it in a movie when I was about 15, and I've wanted to go ever since!


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