Why do we do missions?

We, as Trinity United Methodist Church, believe that supporting missions locally, as well as globally, is not an option but an obligation as commanded by our Lord in Matthew 25:35-40. As a congregation, we along with the Florida UM Conference, want “to be a vital connection that is part of God’s transformation of the world…”

The above mission wheel reminds us that “mission and justice” begin right here at Trinity Church as we participate in becoming the hands and feet of Christ by impacting our local community, our nation, and the world with the love and message of Christ as we serve others.

Every year we produce a Mission Manual to give more detail about the mission that Trinity supports.

Click here to download the 2017 Mission Manual

Endowment Fund - Did you know?

... a message from E.G. Harvin, Treasurer

Did you know there are ways that you can provide funds to Trinity, at your death, for just pennies on the dollar?

The number one reason people don't leave money to charities and/or non-profit organizations at their death is very simple.  It is because, in order to do so, they believe that they must take 100 percent of these dollars away from their loved ones.  For many, if not most people, this is absolutely not the case.

To obtain information as to how you can provide a gift to Trinity at your death without depriving or taking away from your loved ones, please contact Robbin Overton, Trinity's Financial Administrator.  Robbin will arrange a confidential consultation with one of our endowment fund advisors to help you understand the many choices available to you.  Call 561-622-5278 today and we will help you get started.