Psalms 30:4

Sing praises to the Lord, O you His saints, and give thanks to His holy name.


Director of Music and Worship Arts

      We would love to have more singers praise God in the Choir. Anyone is welcome to come to rehearsals in the Sanctuary on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM to try us out. After the 1st of the year we will begin rehearsing many songs and anthems that the choir has never sung before. We’ll also begin Holy Week preparation, so that we can praise our living Lord in music.

Come and be a part of choir!

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Interested in Joining Celebration Choir?
People of all ages sing in our
Celebration Choir
which leads worship at the 9:00 AM service each Sunday.
A talented group of singers, the Celebration Choir presents two productions a year. They rehearse Wednesday evenings at 6:30 starting in the Music Suite, then into the Sanctuary.
Promise Grace

Established in 2002, this small selected group of women perform for not only special church events or during services, but also have the opportunity to minister with the community.

If you would like additional information about Promise Grace, auditions, or performance dates, please see Joel Evans for more details.

Exodus 17:15

The Lord is my Banner

The Music and Worship Arts Department believes that the banner ministry is both an important and encouraging one. Lifting up the Name of the Lord is the sole purpose behind the banners we design and construct for the church sanctuary. Whether the banner actually contains a name of God or shows an idea His Word teaches us, we make them only to glorify Him. None are made purely for decorating the sanctuary.

These projects are not entered into lightly, but with much prayer and planning. Fabrics, colors and trims are chosen with meaning in mind. For example, fringes and tassels were used in the Bible as a sign to remember the commands of the Lord. Gold is always a sign of wealth. Purple infers royalty. Black is a color that shows mourning. White depicts purity. Symbols such as the cross, the Greek letters for Alpha and Omega, and even the style of lettering are chosen to help portray the theme of the banner.

Sunday School for Kids!
Do You Have Children?

Infants through 4 years old: Gather together for social time and play time in the Children's Wing Nursery.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade: Students enjoy fellowship and games in the Children's Wing, room 305, and then attend a large group lesson and activities.