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Here at Trinity United Methodist Church we believe that it is our responsibility to nurture our students in the faith of Jesus Christ and motivate them to respond to their faith by serving others. The process begins by establishing authentic relationships with our students through the outstanding volunteer base of adults.

Our student ministries include incoming sixth graders to graduating seniors. Middle School meets weekly on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm with free dinner for youth and volunteers from 5:30-6:00 in the Fellowship Hall. High School meets on Tuesday nights from 6-8pm. Everyone meets on Sunday nights for worship and dinner from 6:00-8:00pm in the youth center. Our goal is that by the time students graduate from high school they have a relationship with Jesus Christ, a biblical foundation on which to live their lives, and strong moral character that others can model their lives after.

Trinity's Pumpkin Patch is a fundraising event.  The proceeds from the sale of the pumpkins, drinks, snacks, and pumpkin carving kits support the Youth ministry at Trinity UMC.  By having this fundraiser, the youth ministry is able to send students in the youth group to be missionaries in the summer.  The students are also able to participate in retreats, social events and fun things all year long.  In the last few years, due to the success of the Pumpkin Patch, more students than ever have been able to participate in these trips.  This last summer (2017), around 25 middle school students were able to go to North Carolina to help and serve families there and about a dozen high school students were able to travel to Nashville, Tennessee to help in an urban environment.  

The Pumpkin Patch is also a place for the students who are too young to hold traditional jobs to learn job skills and the value of working a job.  The students get to use a time clock, they are responsible for being at their shift on time and in the proper attire, and at the end of the month, they are excited to see how much money was raised and how much of that money they will be able to use for their trips, retreats, etc.  While the students don't get to keep any of the money, each student has an allotment of the proceeds that they are able to use throughout the year instead of paying for the activities outright.

During the daytime, we offer story time for school groups who make a reservation.  This is a fun field trip geared for younger students, where we take the class into an air-conditioned room and tell fall-themed stories or read fall-themed books.  Afterward students are able to check out the pumpkin patch.  To make a reservation, please contact the church office.

For more information about the Pumpkin Patch, please contact Lauren Harner, Jon Deyling or Carolyn Van Ess.

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Fall Retreat has come and gone, and now it's time to look forward to closing out 2017 and beginning 2018.


November Calendar

One quick item to add to the November calendar:  We will be doing a Irma debris cleanup on Tuesday, Nov 21st at 10:00 am.  Hopefully it won't take very long and we can enjoy the rest of the day.  Did someone say lunch?

Also, the church is hosting their annual "Hanging of the Greens" on Sunday, November 26th from 5:00 - 8:00.  There will be food, caroling, and decorating of the church for the Christmas season!  This is a great way for the church to know we care about it; let's show up and help them out!

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Middle School

Here at Trinity, our Middle School Ministry is filled with vibrant and enthusiastic energy! A dedicated group of adults guide our students through the interesting years of middle school. Incoming 6th graders are welcomed into the middle school ministry in August as they begin 6th grade. They participate in service events locally and an annual mission trip. This is a place where they learn how to live out the faith that they talk about. We also plan fun retreats for them to further develop their faith and to invite friends to hear about Christ. Along with traditional events like worship that involve both our middle school and high school students they are given a place where they are encouraged by their peers to live their life following Christ.  The current series that we are going through is called "Overtime."



High School

Here at Trinity, our High School Ministry includes students from many different backgrounds. Our students attend at least six different high schools and live in at least half the area of Palm Beach County. As our high school students are on their journey through school, we provide for them a safe environment where they can establish peer relations with those desiring a closer relationship with God. Our doors are open to all who seek a place to draw nearer to God. We teach about real life issues and what a Biblical perspective is regarding them.  



Praise and Worship


Every Sunday, our Youth Praise and Worship group performs during SNL from 6-8pm.  Under the leadership of Greg Bowlus, the Current Worship leader, the team has really grown in the last year.  Our band regularly includes multiple singers, keyboard, acoustic and electric guitars, and drums, while our stage manager runs the lights and screens.  For the past two years, the band has even performed live at our Great Pumpkin Night out!  The group has also contributed through dance, both in our worship as well as in church events.  

While those are all pretty "in-the-box" ideas, we are always looking for ways to venture off into the creative realm.  In the past, the group has performed puppet skits, included a clarinet in the praise team, and done live paintings during sermons.  If you have a creative mind, we are welcome to including you in our development.  Either talk to Greg or Jon, and we'll get you plugged in!

Serving Others

One of the main foundations of our youth ministry is service. It’s great to talk about living out our faith, but without getting outside the walls of our building and helping others our words are empty. We offer our students the opportunity to help others on a regular basis. We begin in our own community by helping our church members and neighbors who are in need. Then we go to other communities and nations to help make a life change for others and for our own group.

Local Missions

 We begin sharing Christ through our hands and our feet in our own community. We work with agencies that specialize in feeding and sheltering the needy. We work with groups like CROS Ministries, Habitat For Humanity, and Paint Your Heart Out. Some of the service activities that our students do are gleaning fields, unloading food trucks, constructing homes, and painting a home in one day. These organizations do great work in our community and we help them in whatever way we can. We also work within our own church community to provide help. Service opportunities like installing hurricane shutters, helping someone move, making repairs in homes and cleaning them too are ways our students can get involved right here at home.


In February 2016, we went "Gleaning" and picked tomatoes to donate to CROS ministries food pantry, here in West Palm Beach.  And in March, we picked green peppers, also to donate to CROS ministries.  Gleaning is a wonderful opportunity to impact our local community directly, to pick food that will go immediately to help someone in our area.  Everyone is welcome, join us next time!

Middle School Missions

In June of 2016, our Middle School group went on mission to Copper Hill, Tennessee, partnered with the Team Effort organization.  This was our second year in a row working with Team Effort, and they really stepped up the work this year.  Not surprisingly, our students stepped up to the level, and accomplished more than they were asked.  Being the first week of the summer, our job was mainly demo-week, as we worked hard to get the job sites (yes, plural... our group was so large that we were given two houses!) prepped for all the work to come.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate with us starting the roof, but we made up for it by doing other unexpected jobs.  We ended up clearing vegetation, felling trees, patio demolition, and digging all the necessary holes for the new patio to be installed in week two. 


That's not to say that our mission trips are all work and no play.  We always dedicate one of the days as a fun day, and this year we went rafting on the Ocoee River.  This was definitely a step up from last year's Chatooga River! 


High School Missions

At Trinity, our high school students go each summer and serve others outside our own community in response to our love for God and others. Each year our students go to places in the states or occasionally outside of our country to experience cultures different from our own. It is a humbling experience to go away from what we know as normal and see how others live. Our students come away from these trips changed and empowered to do Christ’s work. It is a challenge to all of us, and the reward is grand.




In 2016, the students traveled to Manitoba, Canada to serve the impoverished Cree Nation, a native tribe.  They helped the people there by doing chores with a smile.  They helped do "upkeep" around the reservation, painting things, mowing neglected spaces, picking up trash, and other things that can get neglected during the busy summer months.  The Cree nation has found a niche business paving roads, which is something that is primarily done in the summer.