Trinity Higher Education Scholarships


Trinity offers annual scholarships for higher education students in the community. Applicants must be enrolled in a post high school education program and working toward a degree or certificate. Selections are made by the Trinity Scholarship Committee.


Students within the church family are especially encouraged to apply. While we are fortunate to live in an area of affluence, sometimes people who live in these areas fall between the cracks - not enough money to pay for college outright and too much money to qualify for subsidized student aid.  Additionally, some other scholarships may only be used for tuition, and additional money is really needed for the purchase of books, housing, and food. 

Last year's scholarship recipients were:  Kristen Knapp, Jason Lynn, Megan Hill, and Savannah Jahn.  This year, there are many more high school seniors in the youth group, and requests for scholarships are expected to increase for 2016-2017.  These are some outstanding young adults who are involved in our church and community; some still volunteer to help shepherd our current youth groups in their free time.  We should be proud to see them mature in their faith as well as academically.

Donations to the scholarship fund can be made throughout the year. Anyone who wishes to make a long-term contribution to scholarships is encouraged to contribute to Trinity's Endowment fund.  Designate your gift for "Education Scholarships."  It is an investment in our children's future.

Prayer Opportunities:  Keep our youth in your prayers and support their continued growth in the understanding of God's incomprehensible gifts of grace and wisdom. Pray about volunteering to serve on this committee.