Trinity Youth Mission Trips

At Trinity United Methodist Church, we believe that it is our responsibility to nurture our students in the faith of Jesus Christ and motivate them to respond to their faith by serving others.  By the time students graduate from high school, our goal is that they have established a relationship with Jesus Christ, gained a biblical foundation on which to live their lives, and developed strong moral character that others will want to emulate.


Canada - 2016

In 2016, Trinity's High School went to Manitoba, Canada to serve the Cree Nation, a native people who live there.  They live in a very cold place in an impoverished community.  


This service project was chosen by a select group of Trinity's high school seniors, and was chosen because this group of people is in need.  It was also chosen because the kids wanted to go somewhere cold.  A major hurdle for our group this year was that the native people they chose to serve was French-speaking, quite a departure from the type of groups served by Trinity's youth in the past, who have primarily been Spanish-speaking.


The Cree Nation has found a niche industry to employ members of the community.  They repair roads in the summer time.  Our group served the community by doing some repairs and maintenance that had been neglected because their busy work time is in the summer.  They painted community areas, mowed overgrown areas, and did general repairs.  Their "work" also included being nice.  The native people in Canada have been mistreated for generations by everyone, and they are working to rebuild trust with outsiders.  

Some native communities in northern Canada have also struggled with isolation and depression, and suicide rates among the most isolated settlements can be tragically high.  While our group was not counseling anyone, our hope is that by serving this group, we can let them know that God loves them and they are not alone.



Tennessee - 2016

The middle school students went to Copper Hill, Tennessee.  Sounds beautiful, doesn't it?  During their week in Tennessee, our student missionaries worked on a couple of projects coordinated by TEAMeffort.  They removed a tree that was too close to someone's house, they removed a deck that was in disrepair and unsafe, and they pulled kudzu from a field.  Kudzu is an invasive vine weed that chokes out native plants by completely covering them.  

Our student missionaries did take a break during their time to do a little white water rafting, another experience that brought them closer to God.

They were working with a group called, "TEAMeffort," their website is  

February Mission of the Month

Trinity Youth Missions is the "Mission of the Month" for February, so any gifts designated as "Mission of the Month" that are given in February will be put toward this group, our own young missionaries.  But gifts will be gratefully accepted at any time.  We are training the students in our ministry to serve others, to leave their comfort zone for a little while, and to sacrifice their time and efforts to help spread God's love.